Setting Myself Up for Hurt

20 Apr

This post is for you to leave a comment on April 2010’s Passion Column:

 Setting myself up for hurt 

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Posted by on 20/04/2010 in Love, Romance


One response to “Setting Myself Up for Hurt

  1. Roland Barkans

    28/04/2010 at 9:21 pm

    I’d like to comment on this fad in modern day life of a type of relationship that is neither exclusive or open, as it were. Simple friendship between a man and a woman, are i believe to be possible, if the boundaries were set initially right at the beginning. However, neither party will then gain from the exclusivity of a couple and because of human nature, the relationship, i believe will be short lived. There are gaps i sincerely believe that can only be filled by a fully committed relationship, first by friendship, followed by love, and fundamentally progressing to sex. Any other relationship, dosnt come nowhere near the mark, and i believe is totally unfulfilled in the long run. It is written in the bible, that man and woman will become one flesh, however, in this day and age, this value is often found deviant, and forms the basis of neither one or the other. One person inevetably, over time will feel his or her needs are not being met, and ill feeling will eventually seep in.


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