What is Falling In Love?

29 Aug

Some of the best questions are deceptively simple. This is one of those questions. It came up recently in conversation with a client, who is unsure whether or not they are in love with someone.

This isn’t an answer but an invitation to join the conversation.

My sense is that falling in love is many things. For me, it feels different each time. In fact its probably more accurate to say that I use the term ‘falling in love’ to describe a range of experiences that I feel in my heart, body, mind and sometimes (but not always) soul.

One way of describing falling in love is this: its the process of experiencing in another person qualities you deeply admire.

Beyond that, I have a theory that we all experience falling in love differently. So, over to you. How do you experience falling in love? What is falling in love, to you?

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Posted by on 29/08/2010 in Love, Romance


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