Tearing Up the Good Girl Script: A Date for Women

08 Nov

We were taught to be good girls. Thats the trouble. Good girls don’t make happy women. Are you ready to stop being good and start being happy?

Our date will be dedicated to two questions:

1.Where in my life am I trying to be good instead of aiming to be happy?

2.What shifts need to occur for me to be happy in that area of my life?

If you are unhappy in your relationship but don’t want to rock the boat; or you feel overwhelmed by taking care of your family’s needs at the expense of your own, then its likely that you are playing out the good girl script.

We are brought up to be good girls. Its a script that runs so deep that, as adults, we can keep playing it out unconsciously. Our date will be structured in an informal workshop style, including guided exercises, teaching and discussion. My expertise is in contemporary gender theory and the technologies of the tantric/yogic traditions. I’ll share with you some invaluable tools that will help you identify, articulate and create a way of being that is less ‘good girl’ and more ‘happy woman’.

Date & time: Sunday 26th February  2012, 1pm to 5pm

Place: Bermondsey Fayre, 212 Bermondsey St, London SE1 3TQ

Cost: £40 (Payment by card, bank transfer or cash)

To book, contact Liz Dillon on 07749 453 894                                                                                                                       

Previous participants said:

It was wonderful to tear up the the good girl script with Vena. Since the workshop I’ve been noticing this issue everywhere, the session raised my awareness significantly. Following the workshop I felt more assertive and carefree, and like I’d made progress on some personal issues. Vena’s caring and empowering presence enables an immediate freedom of expression, her work is liberating and like a breath of fresh air.  

Emily Wilkinson, Artist

When I saw the title to this event I was intrigued. I sure had the good girl script running and wondered what was the other side of it. The day was not only revealing but freeing and I cannot recommend it highly enough in such a safe environment and intuitive hands. I feel I have gained new and exciting insights as well as gaining the courage to keep re-writing MY script.

Jo Noon, Director :: Creative Services Consultancy

“Tearing up the good girl script” proved to be a compelling and insightful exploration of where we as women give up our power and our willingness to ask the question ‘what do I really want?’ and to stand up for the answer. Vena is an excellent guide for such an exploration because she has lived and breathed it in her own life. Everything she does is given exquisite care, and you will be in experienced and safe hands if you decide to take this next, exciting step on your own journey into being the beautiful, bold woman you are. My advice? jump right in…!

Joanne Sumner, Coach and Holistic Therapist

I experienced the workshop as a wonderfully safe, exploratory space. I greatly appreciated your skills as facilitator, ensuring safe boundaries while bringing focus and insight. I continue to reflect on the tensions between being ‘good’ and being happy in my own assumptions and behaviour, and I the workshop has given me perspective and confidence with which to challenge myself – on a pretty much daily basis!

Rebecca, Art Psychotherapist

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