Cupid is tired

13 Jan

So, Cupid tells me that he wants to give up shooting arrows.

The whole bow and arrow thing was always a little childish anyway – making people hurt for love. But this was the only way he could open our hearts. He’d found that pain was a very effective incentive for us to fall in love. The wound of his arrows opened the flow of loving attention.

But he’s tired of his weapons; and of our laziness.

He’s wants to be a gardener instead – planting seeds of love in the ground of fertile hearts.

Of course, the invitation (and the requirement) is that we apply ourselves more consciously to love.

He tells me that we’ll need to prepare the ground of our hearts ourselves. A fertile heart is already rich with emotion, already in-the-flow-of-feeling, already stationed-in-love. Poised to fall in love. Cupid can easily tend such a heart.

It takes more maturity but he thinks we’re ready to move from being hunted by Love to being in partnership with Love. Shall we?

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