How to Kiss Your Valentine

12 Feb

The perfect Valentine’s Day kiss is a promise of romance. Its less about steamy sexiness and more about tender curiosity.

Wrap your arms around each other. Hold. Don’t squeeze but don’t be limp about it either. Let your arms be assured but not possessive with their pressure. Open your palms and rest them against the contour of your Valentine’s neck or back or waist or hip.

Open palms, open heart.

Now, slow down. Don’t rush in there with your mouth. Romance breathes in the lull between fleshy contact. So leave a gap between your hug and your kiss. Revel in the gap with your full attention. Drink in the moment and each other.

Now kiss. The key to a good Valentine kiss is restraint. Be restrained in rhythm and pressure. As with your hug (don’t squeeze but don’t be limp) your mouth needs to be confident but not pushy. So, move your lips and tongue in slow and medium paced rhythms. And use gentle to medium pressure. Taste the kiss, don’t devour it.

Let your whole mouth become a medium of tender curiosity.

And don’t wait till the 14th Feb next year to do this again. Fill your year with as many Valentine kisses as you can.

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One response to “How to Kiss Your Valentine

  1. jamiecatto

    12/02/2013 at 8:18 pm

    Thank you. ‘Music is the space between the notes.’ Debussy x


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