A Question of Play

02 May

Last night I was asked, ‘What is the essence of play?’

Wow, I thought, that’s a really good question.

I had to stop and think about it for a few moments. Here’s what I got:

Play is of the moment. Past and future are irrelevant. Play is purely bound up in this moment. Here and now.

Also, play is spontaneous. You can plan the conditions for play – in fact, its a very good idea to plan for play. But you can’t plan play itself. Its spontaneous.

And thirdly, play has no aim. There is no goal. It happens purely for its own sake.

‘Hmm, that’s a good answer.’

I’d say that these three principles apply to all forms of play. But in particular they apply to romantic and erotic play. When you enjoy each other in the present moment, spontaneously and aimlessly, your body and spirit get to revel in pure pleasure. Its restorative and nourishing.


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