The Orgasmic Self

31 Jul

Its 31st July. Happy National Orgasm Day, UK!

Venaramphal's Blog

Its an interesting thing about orgasm – the word is synonymous with ultimate pleasure. Often, if people want to describe something as really pleasurable they say ‘Its orgasmic.’

But recently I’ve been asking people to describe the feeling of orgasm. When they really start to think about it, its not so easy to put the feeling into words. Its not just pleasurable in the way that other things are. Have you noticed how people hardly smile when they orgasm? If it was simple, happy-making pleasure, the facial muscles would respond accordingly.

Orgasm is more than just pleasurable. I’d say it takes us beyond the duality of pleasure/pain into a deeper, more complex experience of Being. Physiologically, the whole of the central nervous system is engaged during orgasm. This means that the nerves along the whole spine are tingling away. Thats why the sensation affects the whole body, or most of…

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