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First Time Sexy Talk

When you go to bed with each other for the first time take it slow. Don’t be afraid to stop and talk to each other. Say what you like and don’t like.

Say if something isn’t working for you. Let them know if they should adjust the angle or pressure of their touch.

A lot of people worry about ruining the moment by talking. Words don’t have to ruin it; they can enhance it. Talk sexy. Talk slow. Whisper. Nibble and kiss between sentences. Just make sure you talk.

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Sex with a new partner

Its always a risk the first time you have sex with a new partner. However good the flirting was and however much chemistry there  was between you, you can’t predict how your bodies will work together.

So, how do you step into this unknown? Here are my top 3 tips:

1. Be here, now. Don’t just trot out the routines that worked with your last partner. Stay fully in the present moment – with this person and their body. Use your skills, but respond spontaneously.

2. Don’t take it too seriously. An attitude of playfulness and fun facilitates spontaneity. It also creates an atmosphere in which its easier for the two of you to communicate, change direction and adjust should things get awkward.

3. Talk to each other. You’re not a mind reader and neither are they. Tell them what you enjoy and ask what they enjoy. Keep checking in. It might seem like a romantic idea that good sex should just happen if you have a ‘special connection’. But sometimes special connections are forged. Don’t stay quiet. Words are your ally. Use them.

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