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National Kissing Day

Sometimes I’m asked, ‘If you could only give one piece of advice, what would it be?”

I say, “Kiss more.”

People smile immediately when they hear that. Its a much better than hearing something serious about the importance of trust and communication in relationship.

Okay, sometimes you need the serious stuff too but I think all that should be secondary to the fun of kissing.

Kissing uplifts instantly. One good kiss is worth hundreds of words of honest communication. The flesh achieves in an instant what words struggle with for hours.

Such is the power of fun and the power of the body.

Happy National Kissing Day.

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Incidental Sex

There’s a contented sort of lovemaking that is less an expression of desire and more an expression of….something else. Its hard to find the word. Its a sort of bodily plenitude. As if your body is so replete with ease in the nakedness of your partner’s body. And that plenitude spills out as lovemaking. Almost incidentally.

Incidental sex. Sounds discourteous, no?

But its not. Bodies that are so at ease with each other open themselves to an unusual tranquility in lovemaking. Their leisureliness brings the rim of the soul into view.

Words are unnecessary. No “I want” or “Harder” or “Turn around”.

Breathing is smoother and movements are more measured than normal, choreographing the body into cellular peace.

Arousal shrugs its way into orgasm, reluctant to disrupt its own placated rhythm.

I slid peacefully from arched spine to slumped-on-his-chest, to heavy eyelids, to sated sleep.

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The Eloquence of Kisses and Cuddles

I’ve noticed that with some lovers its easy to communicate your feelings body to body. Cuddles and kisses are more eloquent than words. I don’t mean just the lovey-dovey feelings but the sharper ones too.

Hurt, anger, vulnerability, remorse – all of this can be said, heard and completed through the flesh.


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