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Tender messy romance

Its Guru Purnima today – the annual celebration of the guru’s blessings and teachings received by the student.

I’m thinking lovingly of my lineage of spiritual masters as well as all the teachers who have shared their knowledge with me.

I’m also thinking of the gorgeous gentlemen who have graced me with their love – they have been my most interesting gurus, bringing me closer to my self through the potent, tender, messy, vulnerable humanity that only romance offers. ♥

Romance is the most demanding and the most fun spiritual practice I know.

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The Eloquence of Kisses and Cuddles

I’ve noticed that with some lovers its easy to communicate your feelings body to body. Cuddles and kisses are more eloquent than words. I don’t mean just the lovey-dovey feelings but the sharper ones too.

Hurt, anger, vulnerability, remorse – all of this can be said, heard and completed through the flesh.


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Rare Romance

Romantic love isn’t so much a single emotion as a container for many shades of emotion. That’s why we’re more susceptible to feeling hurt by a romantic partner than a friend. That’s why we can be infuriated with a lover and long for them at the same time.

Some loves have a way of containing the vicissitudes of romantic relationship while remaining beyond them. Underneath the range of emotions that play through the heart, lighting it up or ripping it up, there is a quality of love that witnesses. In a way its not so much a quality of the heart but a quality of Being.

Rare to experience in romance, but exquisite when its there.

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The Intimacy Scale

We share our selves with lovers on many levels. Its easier to share some aspects of our selves than others. Its as if we have a personal gradation scale of intimacy. We’re pretty open about the things at the lower end of that scale; but the things at the top of that scale are guarded until we know the person really well. Some lovers never get to see/ feel/ hear/ know the things that are at the top of our intimacy scale.

For some people, having a lover gaze at them naked is unbearably intimate. For others, crying in front of a lover is the last thing they’d share.

For me, showering with someone is pretty high on my intimacy scale. But the thing that I keep most secret is my meditation practice. When I can have a lover next to me while I meditate, thats when I’ve shared the most precious part of my self.

What’s your most secret thing?

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