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Thirsty Throat, Small Needs, Interrupted Foreplay

In the summer of 2006 I made a commitment to live in partnership with my body. I pay attention to what it wants. I do my best to follow its directions, desires and prohibitions.

The more I listen to my body the more clearly I hear it. And the harder it becomes to ignore it, even in the small things.

The other day I was snuggling in bed with a lovely gentleman. He started to kiss me with a look in his eyes that said, “We’re not getting out of bed any time soon.” “Oh…yum!” I thought.

His kisses brought my attention fully into my body. I noticed that I felt thirsty. “Well that’s inconvenient,” I thought and tried to ignore the thirst. Over the next several milliseconds or so I had this internal conversation with my body:

Body: “I’m thirsty.”
Me: “Seriously? Now?”
Body: “I want water.”
Me, nervously: “I can’t interrupt now.”
Body, shouting: “I’M THIRSTY.”
Me: “Okay.”

So I gently pulled my mouth back from his, hugged him with my thighs and arms, and said, “Just one moment, baby…I need to drink some water.” “Sure,” he said, not sounding interrupted at all. “Would you like some?” “No, I’m good.”

I returned a couple of minutes later, thirst slaked and able to devote my full attention to him. If I hadn’t interrupted – and risked throwing him off his physical or emotional game – I wouldn’t have been able to dedicate my whole physicality to lovemaking. I could have ignored it – it was just a bit of a dry throat after all. But I really noticed the clarity of my body’s voice. It demanded wholeness. It wasn’t interested in ignoring its small needs.

Wise body.

The need might be small but its never insignificant.

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Smooch Before You Commute

I woke up smiling at the previous night’s kisses. They were still impressing themselves on my mind and mouth.

I felt open, probed, tickled. The act of kissing had changed my sense of self.

I stepped out of bed and my skin goosbumped into the air. I realised that today I would meet the world with a softened body and a gentle mind.

I wondered, ‘What would work be like if everyone spent an hour making out before they went in to the office?’

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